Sunday, 13 May, 2007

My view on Chennai 600028 Movie

Here i am gonna say the scenes that i like in the movie with a little bit review.

It starts with introduction of the players of Sharks team(A Cricket Team in Vishalakshi Thottam) and their rival Rockers (A Cricket Team in Royapuram) and goes on with the happenings of love,friendship,anger and team work and lots of it between them.

Typically depicts the life of guys in chennai and their mutual relationship.Good things about movie

a.Nice Songs

b.Character Selection

c.Every actor player their part well

d.Perfect Screenplay

e.Youth Story

f.Moreover it shows what happens in real world.

The Scenes i like most:

1.The introduction of the girl Vijayalakshmi with a little cute smile on her face and a little streak of kumkum on her forehead with a perfect background score from Yuvan shankar raja.It was very splendid and it can be understood only by watching in the screen.

2.The scene at which karthick apologizes to his friend palani for the error that he had done.Karthick just plea palani to return to his team at the cost of his love and gives the primary focus to's where friendship wins love.

3.Our karthick got hurt and admitted in the hospital and will be taken care of by palani's sister(The girl who Karthick loves).here's where the friendship makes trust on love and obviously the love wins.

4.The moment at which Karthick knows that her loving girl accepted his proposal and the following song "Yaaro Yarukkul Inku Yaro",it was really good and surely will make you think of your loving girl.

All the songs are composed and been placed at the right place where it should be.kudos to Yuvan Shankar Raja(Music) ,Venkat Prabhu(Director) and the lyric writers.

and last but not least,the song "Saroja Saman Nikalo" will make you dance and your fingers will automatically move for the rhythm.



This time i had a good time with my friends (balu,prakash,thilak,shanmuga raj,siddarthan) by going into ISKCON (International Society for krishna Consciousness) in bangalore.we started from BTM at 4:40 pm and reached Kempagowda Bus Stand.

The bus to ISKCON starts from platform no:9 and the number is 80,80A.When we reached there we could see roads with steep and gentle slopes.

We reached the counter and got special entry ticket(Totally 150 bucks for all 6 of us).The queue is very large in normal darshan and surely it will take 1-1.5 hrs to saw krishna,so it is better to take special entry ticket.

First we saw narasimha prahaladhan statue,it was awesome and was glowing,shining and full of tejus and felt pretty good being there,and then we moved on to see lord venkateshwara.

what a design that they had made to construct ,it was really cool and good.Everywhere we heard the "hare rama hare rama" enchanting music.

finally we saw krishna & balarama - Radha Krisha idols.The jewels and the calm in the lord's face can't be explained.Then we started our photo session out there with our mobiles.Had a pretty good time with my friends.

Lastly,we started to our house around 7:30 in the evening from ISKCON.In my perspective it is a nice place to visit in bangalore.

Tuesday, 1 May, 2007

My trip to Mekedattu

Hi ppls,

recently with all my friends visited mekedattu and sangamam.

sangamam is a nice place to visit where river arkavathi merges with cauvery and an awesome place to visit.

we started from bangalore and reached sangamam and it took 2 - 2.5 hrs travel.

It's best you buy the foods in bangalore itself,because you can't get nice food on the way.From bangalore to kanakapura the road is okay,but after crossing kanakapura it's the worst road to sangamam.

In sangamam,you can see the water bed as clear as good but look for broken glass can enjoy a lot at sangamam only.

From sangamam you have to cross the river arkavathi to reach mekedattu.there are some mini buses charging 40/- per head(Up and Down).It's completely full of rocks and you can see the shiny rocks but be careful.It is really hot place.water flows through the rocks beautifully and you can see hell lot of hard and sharp rocks.

i would suggest to spend a lot of time in sangamam itself.If you can take Tempo Traveller (14 Seater) it hardly costs you 3000 bucks.

yah i forgot one thing,the route from sangamam to mekedattu is really scaring.It's a one way route where you can see broken pieces of tree branches all over the way.If you have luck you can watch the elephants breaking trees or crossing your way.

You can visit the place at any season.

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